Sheriff’s Office Issues Lake Safety Tips Ahead Of Busy Summer Season

Lake Shasta is fuller that it’s been in years, and that brings a whole new set of hazards for boaters. There’s a huge amount of wood debris on the surface of the lake, and newly concealed hazards just beneath the surface. Even in the open channels there are large logs that are hard to see until it’s too late. Hitting large debris can damage boats and the impact can throw passengers into the water. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit strongly advises everyone to wear life jackets. A life jacket is required in the boat for each person aboard. Children under 13-years-old always need to wear a life jacket, the only exceptions being if the boat is anchored or moored, or the child is inside a cabin. Lake Shasta is particularly dangerous for swimmers because once a person in distress slips under the surface it can be very hard to find them because of the murky waters and the steep shorelines. Starting this year every boater aged 50 and younger is required to carry a boater card from the California Division of Boating and Waterways, available at