Teen Charged With Murder After Investigation Into March Killing

A teenager from Burney has been formally charged with the murder of a Redding man earlier this year. Very early on the morning of March 23rd police were called to the intersection of Hartnell and East Cypress near the Cypress Bridge for a gunshot victim. They found 31-year-old Tallonn Falcon Sanders suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, and he was pronounced dead after arriving at a hospital. A witness told officers that a late 90s full size truck had fled on Hartnell at a high rate of speed, and officers found a truck matching the description near Argyle Road. The driver led them on a chase on many different East Redding streets before the truck was forced off the roadway by police in the area of Knighton Road and Interstate Five. 21-year-old Joseph Zumwalt of Bandon, Oregon was taken into custody. The truck belonged to the murder victim but video evidence from the murder scene corroborated Zumwalt’’s claim that he was an uninvolved witness who had just met Sanders. Zumwalt fled and was booked into jail for felony evading. The previous afternoon two juveniles were attacked at the Downtown Redding RABA Terminal by a group of teens or young adults from Burney, one of whom brandished a gun. That incident was believed to be related to the murder. On the day after the killing a 15-year-old boy was arrested for his part in the bus terminal assault. Detectives say the murder weapon was also recovered. On Monday the murder case was filed with the District Attorney’s Office.

-Steve Gibson