Veteran Arrested After Stealing 5K In Jewelry While Wearing Military Uniform

A 72-year-old man from Oroville has been arrested for duping people into giving him money with the use of a military uniform. Police say they responded to a report that Bernard Curtis had gone into Fetch Body Piercing on Hilltop Drive and stolen $5,000 worth of jewelry. Witnesses said he left in a silver Jaguar and the Neighborhood Police Unit made a traffic stop. They say Curtis had the stolen jewelry, a large amount of cash and goods stolen from other businesses. He was wearing a uniform that combined US Navy and Army garments, and had apparently been going into businesses with a picture of his disabled son and asking for money. Police say the photo really was his son but it was 20 years old and he really was a Navy veteran but he exaggerated his service. He was arrested for grand theft and misrepresenting military service to obtain money.