Woman Involved In 2008 Gang Fight Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

A 35-year-old Corning woman who shares a child with a murderer is going to prison. In 2020, Diana Munoz was the girlfriend of Elfego Chavez Acevedo, who’s just been given a 110 year prison sentence for killing a man outside the Red Bluff FoodMaxx that year. While being sought for that crime he was shot in the arm by police and barricaded himself in a shed in Corning with Munoz, who was pregnant with his child. Munoz has a gang-and-drug-related record going back to at least 2008, when she was 19-years-old and involved in a gang fight in Red Bluff using bats and metal rods. More recently she hit a woman over the head multiple times with a glass bottle, then failed to appear in court and was placed on probation. In May of this year she and a man were busted with a lot of drugs, including Two Pounds of Methamphetamine. She again failed to appear in court and was arrested in October. Munoz has been given a two year prison sentence.