Woman Who Fled To California With 8 Children Will Face Charges In Arkansas

A woman from Arkansas who was arrested in Anderson for the alleged abduction of her eight children will go willingly back home to face charges. At 12:30AM on October 21st Anderson Police found 36-year-old Trista Fullerton of Rogers, Arkansas and 6 of her children in a parking lot by a Dodge pickup. She had a felony arrest warrant and was taken into custody. The 6 kids were taken by County Children and Family Services, along with the other 2 children after Fullerton told officers they were at a home in Cottonwood. Fullerton is the biological mother of all 8 children, but she had lost her custodial rights and allegedly abducted all of them from their foster homes before fleeing to California. She appeared in court last week and waived her right to an extradition hearing. She’ll soon be on her way back to Arkansas.