Woman With Multiple Drug Convictions Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison

An Anderson drug dealer who refused drug treatment has been given a long prison sentence. 27-year-old Crystal Sainz had previously been busted in Corning in 2019 with various prescription narcotics, Heroin, and Cocaine in its powder form as well as Crack Cocaine. In a separate case in Shasta County, Sainz pleaded guilty in August to transporting and possessing Fentanyl for purposes of sales, and evading police with disregard for public safety. She was given an opportunity to avoid prison by completing a treatment program while on probation, but she failed to attend. She previously had refused to be a part of the Shasta County Superior Court Addicted Offender Program, and she quit another addiction recovery program in September, saying she would rather be in jail. The District Attorney’s Office and Probation Department had recommended the maximum of more than 11 years. Last week Sainz was sentenced to more than 8 years in state prison.