Mission Expects To Open 9 Microshelters For The Homeless By Summer

The Good News Rescue Mission will establish a microshelter community. The Redding City Council gave final approval to the project last week. They’re just like the transitional housing units for the unsheltered that the United Way established a year ago on Mark Street off South Market behind the RABA facility. Each of the tiny houses is 64 square feet and includes a bed, heater, and access to a bathroom. Those who live there must commit to a code of conduct for their stay of up to 10 months, which is the maximum allowed stay by city ordinance, according to Justin Wandro with the Rescue Mission, who says it’s a form of transitional housing that can create a sense of responsibility for taking care of one’s own space. Nine of the shelters should be in place next to the mission this Summer and another 8 later on.